Haikus for some honeys

I’m back on the haiku train…winding my way through a surprisingly expanded list of email subscribers. Thank you so much for signing up!

Jenna K.

Momshell firecracker

Your style is palpable, girl

Brilliant writer

Meredith H.D.

Hilarious sons

Heartwarming tales of childhood

Motherhood made bright

Amber F.L.

Nothing makes me smile

Like visions of you starting

Epic dance parties

Veronda P.

Chic, mysterious

Universally adored

Magnetic, warm, wise

Lynne R.

You’ve always sparkled

Now you glow even brighter

Pretty cool, ole friend

Three haikus for three rad women

If I write any more haikus during my day job, there’s going to be an uprising. Preschoolers don’t take kindly to Mommy with her face in a laptop. Hence, the slowdown at the haiku factory. If I haven’t written yet about you, my awesome email subscriber, know that I will soon, and I can’t wait to get to you.

For now, I get my haiku on with three supremely cool chicks.

Julianne W.

The female ideal

Beauty, strength, wisdom and love

I admire you so

Ainsley M.

Rich voice like honey

You moved away far too soon

Lovely, pleasant, bright

 Stacey G.

Glamour girl in pumps

Rocker chick supermodel

Dynamite stories

Monday morning poetry slam

These all seem rather sentimental, don’t they? Well, you’re all very special people. So here are a few declarations of admiration for sorority sisters, friends of my actual sister, Sunday school teachers, dashing pen pals and babysitters. My humble thanks for subscribing!

Shannon C.

Danced in crimson lips

Fab friend, mom, leader and wife

Did the worm in white

Julie B.P.

You have the best hair

Middle school slumber parties

Spun amber in waves

Kathy D.

When I was a kid

You helped me to feel valued

Your smile is God’s smile

Hugo C.

What a pleasant twist

Not meeting you that spring night

Instead, epistles

Mike H.

When my sons grow up

I’ll be thrilled if they’re like you

Witty, kind and true

Martha M.

Never has a kid

Smiled as instantly as when

You came to the door

Haikus for the ladies

Huge thanks to six amazing women who recently email-subscribed. Voila! Haikus for you!

Cristina C.

Light as sugar sand

You’re a sun-warmed fairy queen

Flitting, helping light

Elizabeth N.

Queen of graciousness

Ever calm, bearing baked goods

You always amaze

Janelle D.

Your laugh evokes joy

Godiva eyes in warm bronze

Kind, gentle spirit

Megan K.

Gold curls and moxie

The girl who lights up the room

Vitality, pow!

Vanessa Y. M.

Goddess at 16

So vibrant, lovely and real

Some things never change

Kursten P.

Inspired activist

Let’s call you Super Mujer

You change people’s lives

Thank-you haikus

Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog! Allow me to haiku you.

Ashley C.

Rare phenomenon

Hot mom wholesomely admired

by tots, chicks and dudes

For Derek H.

You’re the kind of man

Who made jeans and t-shirt cool

You could rule the world

For Anna O.

My Seville angel

We shared Paco’s paella

You make people smile

For Brad C.H.

You, fascinating

I want to know you better

Dead Can Dance party?

Haiku for you

I’m nearing my one-year anniversary as a fledgling blogger. Hooray! To celebrate, I’ll write a haiku for any friend who email-subscribes to my posts before October 12. (As yet, I don’t post exceedingly often, so cast aside any fears of an inbox deluge.)

Lest you have high hopes about your turn as my muse, you must know I’m not much of a poet. That said, I can darn well promise you a haiku from the heart. So, let’s get this poetry party started with a 5-7-5 tribute to Elaine, my first-ever subscriber (and wondrously magnanimous long-time friend):

You enlighten me.

Wow! Like the first ocean swim

Centering. Graceful.