Friday night poetry slam

Were you wondering what cool people do on Friday night? They put their kids to bed and write haikus.

Below I thank, in 17-syllable fashion, seven more people for heeding my Facebook call to follow my blog one day this week. I promised haikus to the top 20 who signed up to receive my emails, and this just about rounds it out. (Ok, I have a couple more to write, but being cool is so exhausting that I can’t dream up another syllable of poetry tonight.)

Thank you so much, all, for supporting Emily En Route. Major thanks to you, friends.


Lisa K.W.

You are like champagne

Celebrate! It’s just more fun

When you are around

Hector L.M.

Tu, como el sol

Brillas, y todos crecen

Tu luz tan fuerte

Erin D.R.

You got for-real style

From prom dresses to mom togs

Fab across decades

Kathleen F.D.

If there was a prize

For the world’s twinkliest eyes

You would always win.

Jeanne L.

Dressed up or in sweats,

Tis a rare woman who just

exudes elegance.

Carrie H.Y.

Never has a soul

Met one so soothing as you

Clear voice, warm eyes, love

Melanie R.

You have a smile that

Unites people and brings them

closer to the One

For reals, though, my apologies for taking so long to get these haikus to you. The boys and summer have been taking it all out of me. Writing, beaches, pools, Little League games, tag in the park, shedding dogs, grains of sand multiplying on the floor and in my sheets…every single second (and multiple cleaning supplies) are occupied when you have two little boys in your grill 24/7.

The "seaweed" in Charlie's hand is just one object of found art they've brought home this week.

The “seaweed” in Charlie’s hand is just one object of found art they’ve brought home this week.

Perhaps because I let them bring home the seaweed, they agreed to pose for a pic with me. Which is exciting, because I have surprisingly few snaps of the boys and me.

Perhaps because I let them bring home the seaweed, they agreed to pose for a pic with me. Which is exciting, because I have surprisingly few snaps of the boys and me.


And the really cool thing we did this week was this. Charlie's first library card. Then we did something I will never allow heretofore: I let them check out 25 books. That is 20 too many.

And the really cool thing we did this week was this. Charlie’s first library card. Then we did something I will never allow heretofore: I let them check out 25 books, of which, realistically, I now have to keep track. Probably 20 too many.



Announcing Sensory Kid book project! + Long-distance haiku dedications

Big reveal! I’m working on a book proposal. The book’s working title is “Sensory Integration at the Soul Level: An intuitive toolkit for parents of today’s Sensory Kids.” I’m still writing it (in fact I should be writing it right now instead of crafting haikus, probs) but, in short, it’s a nonfiction ditty on the spirituality of sensory integration issues in children, and it’s full of ideas to support Sensory Kids and their parents on their journey. I’m not stoked about the title. Ideas welcomed.

So, it turns out agents and publishers kinda want authors to have a gazillion fans before they ever publish your work. So I called up my friend, Facebook, and offered to write thank-you haikus to the first 10 friends who followed my blog yesterday. I threw in a couple extra for two ladies who shared my post with their friends (thank you!) and one more for one of my dear longtime followers on the occasion of her birthday.

So, following are a few 17-syllable thank you notes to those who showed up in a cool way yesterday to help me grow my readership. I’m writing haikus for 10 people today, too, so it’s not too late to forward to your friends and suggest that they follow me by email. You know, if you wanna…

Kate R.B.

Visionary Kate,

You are one of the bold ones.

Sharp mind, brightest heart.

Kristy M.

Pure, breezy, lovely

You glow, warming all with love.

Kindness radiates.

Frank B.

Your still countenance

And air of acceptance puts

Friends in a bliss place

Moira S.C.

Southern charm in spades

Your great laugh is contagious

Fun, fascinating

Wes R.

You are the rare spark

That happens when heart and mind

Ignite with spirit.

Marie F.

Though you have many,

One superpower stands out:

You give gifts of laughter.

Dana McJ

When you speak and smile

We perk up our ears to hear

Still waters run deep

Nicole A.

Soul sis at first sight

Dazzling spirit, shining smile

Strength and grace abound

Christie B.

Hot aerospace girl

Mad brains and a giving heart

Got it goin’ on

Whitney G.B.

Nothing’s better than

a spirit so generous

and a smile so warm

Dana M.

I wonder if you

Have any clue how very

Luminous you are

Becca U.

The vastness of your

Inner and outer beauty

Grows richer with time

Resuming my haiku project with 5-7-5 tributes to four special women, who happened to subscribe to my blog

I’ve been quiet for a while.

New kinds of work have whooshed into my life and tuned my brainwaves into a different frequency, one that so far hasn’t allotted me much mind space to muse at Emily En Route. Well, not without sacrificing my self care, and if you read my recent post about your bangin’ body, you know how important I feel it is we take care of ourselves, which usually means not staying up till all hours so I can write. (Except, of course, when writing into the wee hours is more energizing than sleep, which occasionally does happen.)

Suddenly, in the course of my introspection on how I can fit both work and writing into my already full life, a spotlight pointed to the poetry-loving part of my brain, reminding me I still have a generous slew of thank-you haikus to write for friends who subscribed to my blog before its October 11 one-year anniversary. So, I’m very happily picking back up with my haiku-writing project. And I will resume with four women I adore.

Lucila D.

You’ve got that chispa

Magnanimous heart, sharp mind

La que es linda…

Cindy S.

Your heart beats with verve

If spunk and grace had a kid

She’d be just like you

Alicia I.H.

Miracles happen

When you show souls the power

That’s always been theirs

(Check out Alicia’s miraculous work at Your Soul Story.)

Merry Carole

Redhead fairy queen

Sprinkling potent pixie dust

Elevating all

(Merry Carole wields her amazing powers to build compelling personal and professional double-bottom-line brands at Branding Powers.)

Haikus for some fellow Jayhawks

I may not have the most school spirit, although it’s been known to get conjured during basketball season, but I sure am grateful to the University of Kansas for the immeasurably awesome friends and experiences it gave me. Here, some thank-you haikus celebrating a few of those people. I so appreciate you reading my blog. Rock Chalk!

Allyson F.

Your Feeding Sparrows

Is transformational, bright

Your light shines through it

Andy O.

You taught me to write

Scared me a little bit, too

First, fave editor

Melinda W.

Beyond womanly

You, alluring, always glowed.

Your life force dazzles.

Ashley L.M.

Graciousness in gold

Always gleaming, style to spare

Complex and lovely

Julie Z.

Reliably true

Flawless skin mirrors your heart

Luminous yogi

Catherine B.

You remind me of

the old Hollywood beauties

Classic, radiant

Emily En Route gets Hollar’d out

It’s gettin’ real at Emily En Route. We got our first official third-party endorsement. (Insert squealing and jazz hands.)

Katie Hollar, legal marketing wiz and captivating force of nature who happens to have a pretty fantastic marketing blog, named Emily En Route her inaugural Marketing Crush. “You should read it, as she delivers funny, inspiring and thought-provoking content on the regular,” Katie writes.


I swoon. And I write her a haiku.


Whip smart, sexy, kind.

You have the trifecta down

Roar, lioness, roar.

I could write so many haikus about this broad. She’s a longtime friend. Does the fact we’re friends make the endorsement any less potent, you ask? No, because Katie Hollar is kind of a big deal, and she doesn’t endorse frivolously. I’m stoked.

Alternate haiku for Katie

You don’t need to floss

Goddess of nineties hip hop

Steelo like no one

To all my other amazing new subscribers, Emily En Route’s first anniversary was October 11 and so I’m wrapping up the last of the haikus. If you haven’t gotten a haiku, know that it is on the way, and that I apologize sincerely for taking so long to make you my muse. I will relish writing about you.


Haiku house party

It’s Friday night in the big city, and all’s quiet in my house. ‘Seems like the perfect occasion for some thank-you haikus to a few of my new email subscribers. Thanks for reading, friends!

Dan G.

Your kindness struck me

In that ride home, first meeting

Eat, Drink, Man, Man rules

Becca W. L.

Magnet for blessings

Like butterfly to blossom

Your love nourishes

Gaby N.

Lovely dark features

Irresistible mystique

You transcend time, space


Up for anything

Contagious vitality

And beauty to match

Brandy B.R.

Astounding sunshine

In those eyes like bluewater

Wild, bursting with life

A big batch of thank-you haikus

I must be feeling very affectionate today. Some of the following haikus sound more like love poems than 17-syllable thank-you notes. Secret’s out: If you join my email subscription list, I’ll ponder you from afar and uncover my true feelings. Whether I write about my profound love for you or about something else, like peanut M&Ms, is up in the air, but I will thank you as promised. I do so appreciate you reading.

If you signed up for my email list, are receiving my posts and I haven’t yet penned you a poem, comment on this post or write to me at emilyhughey<at>me<dot>com with your name and your email address. I’ve heard from a few yet un-haiku’d friends who say they’ve subscribed and are not showing up in my list of subscribers. I may take a while to get to you, but please let me know if I’m missing you because I do so want to thank you, 5-7-5-style.

Also, if I don’t know you personally, just send me your name (first, first and last, nickname, whatever) and I’ll invent for you a secret identity about which to write.

Note: The first anniversary of my blog is October 11, so I’ll be crafting haikus for anyone who subscribes before that day. Such fun for me!

Bethany B.S.

Your joy is so bright

Your friends bloom like sunflowers

Splendor in your trail

Joanie F.

Luminous Joanie

You bring the divine to all

Make it look easy

Andrea (…You know I could write you a thousand haikus, but this is the one that came to me quickest)

Who knows how many

Peanut M&Ms we shared

Childhood weekend nights

Melissa M.

I’m in awe of you

You see things most people don’t

Bright, loving and wise

Liz P.

Grace in all seasons

You turn “simple” into “grand”

With a slow, warm smile


Shawn L.

Is there any flame

That gives more light than your eyes?

You’re one of a kind

Krista S.

Real spunk and sweetness

Your laugh is like jellybeans

Elicits pure joy

David G.


By your bold wit and savvy

You kick so much ass

Gary B.

‘Twas love at first sight

My soul brother’s shining match

Now my dear friend, too

Lindsay K.J.

You must know something

The rest of us don’t yet know

Style, strength, poise, beauty

Haikus for some honeys

I’m back on the haiku train…winding my way through a surprisingly expanded list of email subscribers. Thank you so much for signing up!

Jenna K.

Momshell firecracker

Your style is palpable, girl

Brilliant writer

Meredith H.D.

Hilarious sons

Heartwarming tales of childhood

Motherhood made bright

Amber F.L.

Nothing makes me smile

Like visions of you starting

Epic dance parties

Veronda P.

Chic, mysterious

Universally adored

Magnetic, warm, wise

Lynne R.

You’ve always sparkled

Now you glow even brighter

Pretty cool, ole friend

Three haikus for three rad women

If I write any more haikus during my day job, there’s going to be an uprising. Preschoolers don’t take kindly to Mommy with her face in a laptop. Hence, the slowdown at the haiku factory. If I haven’t written yet about you, my awesome email subscriber, know that I will soon, and I can’t wait to get to you.

For now, I get my haiku on with three supremely cool chicks.

Julianne W.

The female ideal

Beauty, strength, wisdom and love

I admire you so

Ainsley M.

Rich voice like honey

You moved away far too soon

Lovely, pleasant, bright

 Stacey G.

Glamour girl in pumps

Rocker chick supermodel

Dynamite stories

Monday morning poetry slam

These all seem rather sentimental, don’t they? Well, you’re all very special people. So here are a few declarations of admiration for sorority sisters, friends of my actual sister, Sunday school teachers, dashing pen pals and babysitters. My humble thanks for subscribing!

Shannon C.

Danced in crimson lips

Fab friend, mom, leader and wife

Did the worm in white

Julie B.P.

You have the best hair

Middle school slumber parties

Spun amber in waves

Kathy D.

When I was a kid

You helped me to feel valued

Your smile is God’s smile

Hugo C.

What a pleasant twist

Not meeting you that spring night

Instead, epistles

Mike H.

When my sons grow up

I’ll be thrilled if they’re like you

Witty, kind and true

Martha M.

Never has a kid

Smiled as instantly as when

You came to the door