About Emily

Emily helps people to define their own messages, embrace their innate intuition and supercharge their communications for business and life in general. She is an award-winning journalist, a former travel writer, business communicator, blogger, adventurer, mother and chaser of inner stillness. At present, Emily navigates the world as an internal communications campaign producer/writer, blogger, Kriya yogi, partner to a strong, soulful man, stepmom to his amazing teenager, and mom to two young sons and one infant daughter.Hermitage gardens


3 thoughts on “About Emily

  1. Emily got it going on! I’m so glad to have discovered your thoughtful, down-to-earth blog. You have a way of putting words to the ways that the transcendent are found in the mundane. And I love the real housewives reference 🙂

  2. Emily,
    I love your blog!! You are such an engaging writer, really awesome with your use of words!Creative! Clever! Descriptive! I also thoroughly enjoy the topic, and encourage you to continue. (if for no other reason than my selfish pleasure in reading your daily insights) I love that you Really stopped and noticed when Charlie made the seashell structure for you. As a Mom, I could FEEL your day and moment…yet you GOT it, and what a treasure you will always have in your heart and mind
    Plus…I am jealous you were at an Oprah show!! (jealous in a happy way for real).

  3. Emily, I am so happy you are blogging! i just came across this…happy writing for you, and happy reading for all of us!


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