About Emily

Emily walks the world as a writer, blogger, Kriya yogi, home cook, would-be exerciser and single mom to two young sons and one toddler daughter.

In her business life, she is a strategic writer/creative director for Fortune 500 companies and, whenever she can, she helps individuals and small businesses to define their own messages, embrace their innate intuition and supercharge their communications for business and life in general.

She is also an award-winning journalist, a former travel writer, loves outdoor adventures, eating nachos, wearing stilettos, is ever chasing inner stillness and is always up for a game of tag.Laughing

3 thoughts on “About Emily

  1. Emily got it going on! I’m so glad to have discovered your thoughtful, down-to-earth blog. You have a way of putting words to the ways that the transcendent are found in the mundane. And I love the real housewives reference 🙂

  2. Emily,
    I love your blog!! You are such an engaging writer, really awesome with your use of words!Creative! Clever! Descriptive! I also thoroughly enjoy the topic, and encourage you to continue. (if for no other reason than my selfish pleasure in reading your daily insights) I love that you Really stopped and noticed when Charlie made the seashell structure for you. As a Mom, I could FEEL your day and moment…yet you GOT it, and what a treasure you will always have in your heart and mind
    Plus…I am jealous you were at an Oprah show!! (jealous in a happy way for real).

  3. Emily, I am so happy you are blogging! i just came across this…happy writing for you, and happy reading for all of us!


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