MCA + Emily En Route = BFF

MCA DNA screen shot.pngCheck out the increds holiday gift I just received…

Merry Christmas, Emily!

We re-posted your blog post from foreeeeeever ago on our very important and objectively awesome blog, MCA DNA.

And we said nice stuff about you, too.

Aaaaaand we went ahead and threw in an extra link to another one of your old posts. Just for fun.

In case you’re curious, you can read it here.


Your Favorite Contemporary Art Museum in the World
(Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago)


It’s true! Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago reposted from Emily En Route.  If you could see me right now, you’d know I was giving you all a dainty Queen Elizabeth wave from a very regal pile of dog hair.

I entered this fun little contest (#mcainspired – they asked how you support local artists and/or display art in your home, so I sent them this photo of my garage) on a lark, I won, they gave me a membership, I told them how much I love taking my kids there, I overshared a couple blog posts with them and–boom!–they go and re-post this. The wonder!

Naturally, I want to obsessively thank and hug them, but I’ll save their magnanimous social media team from my fawning and instead fill you all in on one of my favorite places in the 312…

If you’re not apprised, know that MCA Chicago is good for anyone of any age who needs the sparkle of art in their world. (In other words, that’s everyone. Duh.)

If you live in Chicago, or plan to visit, take your kids to the MCA. In my experience, everyone from the front desk to the security guards go out of their way to help kids experience the art in an age-appropriate, accessible, joyful way.

Trust me, even if your grown-up self doesn’t “get” modern art, your kids will love the outlandishness of some of what they see. If you do go, snap a pic of your kids and tag #mcachicago.

We want to spread the art love and let people know what a gem of a place it is for families, so any snaps you can share to that end would be divine.

For your to-do list:
•Get excited for the Pop Art design exhibit opening this week
•Stay tuned for my reaction–and that of my kids–to the likes of Charles Eames, George Nelson, Ettore Sottsass, Achille Castiglioni and Robert Venturi
•Post pics of your kids enjoying the MCA to #MCAChicago

Not to worry, I’ll soon return to second-person tales of uncoupling, single mom-ing, dating, divorce and more. I just had to geek out about this for a quick sec…


MCA DNA screen shot.png

11 thoughts on “MCA + Emily En Route = BFF

  1. Emily, this just makes my heart swell. Love from MCA, Amazing!

  2. So cool, Emily! Congratulations. Maybe the stars will align and we can go to the MCA together sometime 🙂

  3. That is awesome! Congrats, my friend. Janelle

  4. I can see why you won! If I ran a blog competition, you would have won that one too. Congrats!

    • Thank you so much, Evan! But I won for something totally separate–they called for #mcainspired photos of how you support local artists and/or how you display art in your home, so I sent them a pic of my graffiti’d garage door. Hope you’re well!

  5. Your post makes me want to do art. #inspired

  6. So very well deserved. I guess the world in bouncing back your way a little of all the love and beauty you bring into it 😉

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