A bedtime meditation for sensory kids

I finally made friends with soundcloud and updated this post with a recording of the bedtime meditation I play for my kiddos every night. It helps Charlie and Kip–and sometimes even Brian, me or the occasional babysitter–to clear the energy of the day and prepare our bodies for a beautiful night’s sleep. I created this guided meditation for my own sweet sensory kids, but meditation of any kind, especially at bedtime, is for everyone. May all in your home sleep peacefully tonight.

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For those who don’t already know, I have two sons, one of whom is an official sensory kid, the other unofficial. While heightened intuition, innate wisdom and emotional sensitivity are grand gifts in today’s world, parenting sensory kids like my little guys can be a nail-biting ride.

Throughout the course of a day, these kids absorb a lot. By “a lot,” I mean they take in all surrounding sounds, smells, sights, touch, tastes, energies and even other people’s emotional frequencies. In other words, their level of perception can get a bit like that of Robert Downey, Jr., as Sherlock Holmes. At the end of the day, if I’m lucky, their little nervous systems may have processed all this input effectively. However, after a long day of school and/or the stimulation of daily life as a city kid, it’s more likely they’re amped to high heaven.

So, before they go to…

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2 thoughts on “A bedtime meditation for sensory kids

  1. Thanks so much for this! I’ve tried different versions of your meditation and it definitely makes a difference!

    Ben had an OT from our school district (who is amazing!) spend time with him at preschool today. She had him wear a weighted vest that she thought was helpful. Has your sensory buddy used one? Have you found anything weighted helpful?

    I LOVE your blog – it speaks to me.

    Thank you ❤️ Krista

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    • You are so generous, Krista. Thank you! So cool you’re exploring weighted vests and the like. I’ve never done that with my guy, but I do keep a medicine ball at home and come up with “strongman” assignments because heavy lifting is super regulating for him. I sometimes had him walk around wearing a weighted backpack when he was younger, and it definitely seemed to help, too. Makes my day that this stuff speaks to you. Thank you so much for this! 🙂

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