Is it summer yet?


I’m ready for some summer. In a perfect world, this is what I will do everyday–after I swim in the lake, build sand castles on the beach, write a brilliant book proposal, play tag in the park, eat beautifully crafted picnic lunches, add mint to my cocktails, dig for bugs with the kids, make popsicles, mash up bright green pestos and curry pastes from my herb garden, walk the dogs, grill flank steak marinated in fresh herbs, watch the wisteria bloom, spray children with the garden hose, eat tomatoes and burrata, sip prosecco on the patio in the afternoon and try to tame the rapidly increasing tan I started in Baja, pictured here, last April. My favorite season is upon us. Three cheers for summer. Wishing you many a splendid hammock siesta.

4 thoughts on “Is it summer yet?

  1. Hear, hear Emily.

    Here is to breeze blown hammocks, grass-stained children, and ice-cooled condensate rings on the patio furniture. Here is to tank-top tan lines, banana-boat scented inhales, and feet spackled with sand and grass-clipping. Here is to Sunday morning patio newspaper reading, jogging in the velvety dusk, and Anytown USA neighborhoods. Here is to cracking open the cocoon of the winter; here is to kicking off our rain soaked spring galoshes, and slipping into a pair of soludos, flip-flops, or our own bare feet.

    God bless summer!!!

  2. Amen to Mojitos, watching sunsets and catching lightening bugs!

  3. Lightning bugs! Absolutely!

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