Do I dare make a tweet? (aka, I contemplate Twittering and practice on a pretend live-tweet of my Thanksgiving weekend.)

My sister is supercool.

My sister is supercool.

My sister is really cool. Both by conventional standards as well as sisterly ones. She’s also really smart. Not just because she has the gift of magnificent wit, but because she knows a lot of important stuff. That stuff includes her understated yet potent social media savvy. In fact, people pay her to manage their social media and by “people,” I mean multinational corporations.

She says I need to start twittering. She says I might want to consider reading and following tons of other people’s feeds. Thing is, I’m intentionally low-fi. But when I’m ready to grow my following and write books for actual publishers and all that, she’s totally and completely right: I’ll need a steady stream of people who are already reading my stuff.

And yet my stomach turns at the idea of dropping tweets, status updates and instagrams like f-bombs at a girls night. I am trying to live my life, not live tweet it.

Nonetheless, I reserved the Twitter handle, EmilyEnRoute1. (when do we use hash tags and @s, again?) I did it because my sister is really cool and smart and very gently suggested I get on it, with the caveat that I’m under no obligation to tweeter should I not be inclined.

Just the act of claiming a Twitter handle has me playing around with thinking in tweets. So, here’s some stuff I might have tweeted over my Thanksgiving weekend, were I the tweeting kind. Unlike Mr. Year Of Elan and his hilarious, vulgar and fictitious Diane airplane debacle, these all actually happened:


– Charlie’s got skills. Knife skills, that is. Checkity check the job he did on this rosemary. #baby’s growing up.


– Kip says he is the best herb washer in the West. #wait,westofwhat?


– Boys were magically patient with me and all the cooking today. Rewarded them with a park romp in between a last-min grocery trip and more cooking.


– When you grow up spending Thanksgiving with 35 loud-laughing people who share your hereditary crazy, a mostly functional foursome is just booooring. #Missingmycousins. #nothingbetterthanFogelfamilyholidays

– Wonderful husband, but better as arm candy and fish hunter than dinner party prepper. #throwbackthursday #ilovehimevenifhedoesn’tusesoapondishes


-Three pies for four people? Hell yes. Thank you, @Achatz Pies for the Michigan-Four-Berry and Dutch-Apple heaven. And thank you, @Mom, for the pumpkin ice cream pie. #Tradition


-Oh, snap! We get to share the pie. We just had three extra people say they’re joining us for Thanksgiving. Thanks, @AndrewMorgan, @MarkMcLaughlin and @Craig for making it a party.

-Turns out you actually can overdo it on the heavy cream in mashed potatoes. #Cremefraicheisanotherstory. #Nevertoomuchbuttereither

-Nothing like mashing potatoes with a ricer and making a nice, brown gravy to connect me to my maternal line. We’ve had our differences, ancestors, but you passed down some beautiful food.Image

-Impromptu dinner guests! Thanksgiving wishes answered. Thanks, @Hilary, @Matt and @Max for bringing the party.

-Color me lucky. @AndrewWarrenMorgan is playing his guitar while the kids run free and I eat pie. #feastofthesenses #beautifulendtoabeautifulday

-For a bubbles girl, this holiday doesn’t get any better than prosecco with @JoSnow fig-black pepper-vanilla syrup. #Dranksgiving

-And here I prepare to reveal my swimming-revived triceps. #everydinnerguest’sdream


– Pups await leftover turkey treats. #packodogsinthekitchen


– Christmas tree time!


-Our first-annual paper-chain project takes flight. #finemotortriumph


– The Christmas countdown is on! #paperchainfinalproduct

paperchain christmas

– No movie day is complete without at least one dog sprawled atop your lap. #boyandhisRalph


– Kip took this partial family portrait just as we nestled in to watch “White Christmas.” #familysnuggles  #snooow, snoooow, snooooow


2 thoughts on “Do I dare make a tweet? (aka, I contemplate Twittering and practice on a pretend live-tweet of my Thanksgiving weekend.)

  1. The last snuggle picture melts my heart. Love!

  2. You’ve got the twitter thing down! Check out Shauna Niequist on Twitter…she uses instagram to capture moments like the above and then links to her blog posts…feels like a way that you could “get in the game” with similar objectives to create followers for your writing

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