A prayer

Dear God,

We ask you to place the healing poultice of Your love, grace and peace upon the hearts of all who feel the pain of today’s tragedy.

Bless the children who were killed today. As they leave behind their young bodies, may their ageless souls be filled with the bliss and the joy of knowing You. Once fully revitalized by Your light, if in the highest and greatest good for all, may these dear children also assist their loved ones in finding peace from the other side.

Send Your angels to the families of those who lost children or parents. Swiftly and safely deliver them through the grieving process, that they may ultimately emerge from this terror filled with the awareness of Your presence in all things. It’s hard for us to see Your presence in this, God, so help us all.

Bless advocates on all sides of the gun issue with the courage to look earnestly and with clear eyes at our system. Unite the hearts of those in power to conceive a solution together. May they act quickly and decisively on Your ideal antidote to this dis-ease in our nation. God, inspire them to Your perfect plan.

Bless those who are mentally ill to any degree, that they easily may find the support and services necessary to lead lives of peace. Protect us all.

Bless, too, the man who killed these children. May his soul be healed, his evil be cleansed by Your light and the horrors of his actions be assuaged in the consciousness of our nation.

God, please send Your angels to everyone experiencing the devastation of today’s events, and make us all conscious of our power to change the world for the better, forever, beginning with our own loving thoughts and empowered visions of ourselves, our loved ones and our planet. Bless us all into Your great, healing light.

And so it is. Thank you, God.


14 thoughts on “A prayer

  1. Beautifully written! Thanks, Emily.

  2. Your prayer is beautiful and moved me to tears. Thank you for articulating the devistation and grief while offering peace. xxoo

  3. Thank you, Emily. Well said. Brings back a lot of really good memories from Sunday School @ BVCC. Miss you!! XO

  4. Beautiful prayer from a beautiful soul. Dk

  5. Dear Blessed Emily,
    Your prayer is beautiful and of course eloquent as ever. Your words, with so much feeling moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. Oh!! And I love the picture you included!!
    Blessings to you my dear friend. Joanie

  6. That is one of the most beautiful prayers I’ve ever read. You are such a gifted writer.

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