Get your 12-12-12 meditation on!

If you’re ready to feel peaceful and free in a major way, go ahead and click here. (In case you’re wondering, it’s a free guided meditation.)

You may have heard or felt some whirring about 12-12-12 yesterday. It was a cool date, right? And now we have the upcoming 12-21-12, which also is significant, but not in the apocalyptic way Hollywood likes to portray it.

Energetically speaking, December 21 marks the end of an era in humanity, and it also brings about the beginning of a new way of life on earth, a higher vibration of humankind. The days leading up to it are an immensely favorable time to let go of old sides of yourself you don’t need anymore so that your most radiant, uncluttered self can step forward.

“The time between December 12 and 21 is especially powerful for creating your most fulfilling life,” says my friend, Alicia Isaacs Howes*, who knows these things. As such, while the energies of the universe are behind our evolution, Alicia and her equally awesome pal, Kari Samuels*, put together a FREE global meditation event to guide us in honoring the past and envisioning for the future.

Visit Alicia and Kari at their website, 12 12 12 Global Meditation Event, to download free recordings of two amazingly potent meditations. I plugged in my headphones and listened last night before going to sleep and I felt some incredible shifts take place. Such release. Such peace. Such beauty. Such promise.

A lot can be said about this time between December 12 and December 21, but for the purposes of this post, here’s what you need to know:

  1. The energies in the universe are supporting the healing of your past.
  2. The stage is set for the envisioning of your bright future.
  3. Everything to which you aspire is already inside of you.

In the next week or so, go out and claim your higher vibration. It’s closer than you think. Get your global meditation on!

*Alicia and Kari are more than just neato friends who post recordings online. Here’s what they’re about:

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach. In addition to her ability as an energy healer, she is highly sought-after for her expertise and innovation as a numerologist. Using the only letters of your name and the numbers in your birth date – she can tune into your past, present and future, decipher your destiny, and guide you on your path toward happiness like a human GPS. If there is an area in your life that needs more joy, Kari can shed light on dark places and lift your spirits with remarkable insight. She has helped countless people find and maintain happy relationships by reminding them how to love themselves. She is known to fuse entertainment with enlightenment, wit with wisdom, and psychic with sassy. In addition to using her own abilities, Kari has taught hundreds of people around the world how to access their intuition, as well as harness the power of numbers to enhance one’s life. It is her joy to help others manifest their divine potential. To learn more about her inspirational offerings, visit her website at:

Alicia Isaacs Howes, founder of Your Soul Story and international soul connection expert, has explored thousands of soul stories with people all over the world for more than a decade. A formal global management expert from London, England who specialized in business process improvement who’s health crisis 14 years ago led her to not only her own healing, but a whole new way of looking at life as a healer, intuitive coach, and teacher. Alicia still finds ways to do things better, but now focuses on people rather than only processes. With her intuitive approach, caring insight, and powerful guidance, she empowers her clients to start, expand, and end all kinds of chapters in their lives. She focuses on helping her clients connect to their authentic self – become the author of their story – and let go of all the stuff that stifles joy, hampers happiness, or dims their smiles. She sees clearly her clients’ potential, and shines that back to them with love, light and often shared laughter too. To learn more about how Alicia can help you not just grow but flourish, visit her website at

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