Resuming my haiku project with 5-7-5 tributes to four special women, who happened to subscribe to my blog

I’ve been quiet for a while.

New kinds of work have whooshed into my life and tuned my brainwaves into a different frequency, one that so far hasn’t allotted me much mind space to muse at Emily En Route. Well, not without sacrificing my self care, and if you read my recent post about your bangin’ body, you know how important I feel it is we take care of ourselves, which usually means not staying up till all hours so I can write. (Except, of course, when writing into the wee hours is more energizing than sleep, which occasionally does happen.)

Suddenly, in the course of my introspection on how I can fit both work and writing into my already full life, a spotlight pointed to the poetry-loving part of my brain, reminding me I still have a generous slew of thank-you haikus to write for friends who subscribed to my blog before its October 11 one-year anniversary. So, I’m very happily picking back up with my haiku-writing project. And I will resume with four women I adore.

Lucila D.

You’ve got that chispa

Magnanimous heart, sharp mind

La que es linda…

Cindy S.

Your heart beats with verve

If spunk and grace had a kid

She’d be just like you

Alicia I.H.

Miracles happen

When you show souls the power

That’s always been theirs

(Check out Alicia’s miraculous work at Your Soul Story.)

Merry Carole

Redhead fairy queen

Sprinkling potent pixie dust

Elevating all

(Merry Carole wields her amazing powers to build compelling personal and professional double-bottom-line brands at Branding Powers.)

4 thoughts on “Resuming my haiku project with 5-7-5 tributes to four special women, who happened to subscribe to my blog

  1. Reading about a busy, working mom who is prioritizing self-care is refreshing and inspiring. When inspiration strikes and time allows, I would love to hear some musings on becoming an aunt!

  2. Heart full of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you my beautiful friend xxxx

  3. Emi, I’m Lucila’s sister. We met years ago… I love your project!!! Besos desde Roma.

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