Emily En Route gets Hollar’d out

It’s gettin’ real at Emily En Route. We got our first official third-party endorsement. (Insert squealing and jazz hands.)

Katie Hollar, legal marketing wiz and captivating force of nature who happens to have a pretty fantastic marketing blog, named Emily En Route her inaugural Marketing Crush. “You should read it, as she delivers funny, inspiring and thought-provoking content on the regular,” Katie writes.


I swoon. And I write her a haiku.


Whip smart, sexy, kind.

You have the trifecta down

Roar, lioness, roar.

I could write so many haikus about this broad. She’s a longtime friend. Does the fact we’re friends make the endorsement any less potent, you ask? No, because Katie Hollar is kind of a big deal, and she doesn’t endorse frivolously. I’m stoked.

Alternate haiku for Katie

You don’t need to floss

Goddess of nineties hip hop

Steelo like no one

To all my other amazing new subscribers, Emily En Route’s first anniversary was October 11 and so I’m wrapping up the last of the haikus. If you haven’t gotten a haiku, know that it is on the way, and that I apologize sincerely for taking so long to make you my muse. I will relish writing about you.


2 thoughts on “Emily En Route gets Hollar’d out

  1. Indeed.
    You need Homer for a poem about this epic chick. “Lioness” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Katie Hollar is One Great Broad.

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