A big batch of thank-you haikus

I must be feeling very affectionate today. Some of the following haikus sound more like love poems than 17-syllable thank-you notes. Secret’s out: If you join my email subscription list, I’ll ponder you from afar and uncover my true feelings. Whether I write about my profound love for you or about something else, like peanut M&Ms, is up in the air, but I will thank you as promised. I do so appreciate you reading.

If you signed up for my email list, are receiving my posts and I haven’t yet penned you a poem, comment on this post or write to me at emilyhughey<at>me<dot>com with your name and your email address. I’ve heard from a few yet un-haiku’d friends who say they’ve subscribed and are not showing up in my list of subscribers. I may take a while to get to you, but please let me know if I’m missing you because I do so want to thank you, 5-7-5-style.

Also, if I don’t know you personally, just send me your name (first, first and last, nickname, whatever) and I’ll invent for you a secret identity about which to write.

Note: The first anniversary of my blog is October 11, so I’ll be crafting haikus for anyone who subscribes before that day. Such fun for me!

Bethany B.S.

Your joy is so bright

Your friends bloom like sunflowers

Splendor in your trail

Joanie F.

Luminous Joanie

You bring the divine to all

Make it look easy

Andrea (…You know I could write you a thousand haikus, but this is the one that came to me quickest)

Who knows how many

Peanut M&Ms we shared

Childhood weekend nights

Melissa M.

I’m in awe of you

You see things most people don’t

Bright, loving and wise

Liz P.

Grace in all seasons

You turn “simple” into “grand”

With a slow, warm smile


Shawn L.

Is there any flame

That gives more light than your eyes?

You’re one of a kind

Krista S.

Real spunk and sweetness

Your laugh is like jellybeans

Elicits pure joy

David G.


By your bold wit and savvy

You kick so much ass

Gary B.

‘Twas love at first sight

My soul brother’s shining match

Now my dear friend, too

Lindsay K.J.

You must know something

The rest of us don’t yet know

Style, strength, poise, beauty

5 thoughts on “A big batch of thank-you haikus

  1. Ahhh I love you Em, thank you for this. Your words are a gift and I love reading them! xoxo

  2. Hi!! Oh thank you for my beautiful haiku!! Also thanks for your wonderful blog, I always love reading your words. At school the other day I tool video on my phone of a praying mantis eating a tomato hornworm caterpillar. It was amazing to see! I think the boys would like it, but wanted to ask permission before I sent something to your phine that might groas you out. Let me know your feelings on this How are you, Brian and those lovable little guys? Miss you all. Xo Joanie

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. I’d love some special words just from you. Haven’t seen one but let me know if I missed it xxx

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