You are “Me, Inc.”

From time to time in my freelance life (which, in this case, involves a career-advice story), I get to report and write something I really enjoy. The article, Build a brand: Envision yourself as an enterprise, was fascinating for me. It’s a short story, but this idea of embracing yourself as the CEO of Me, Inc., seems life changing on a large scale and, at the very least, life empowering.

While I usually keep my day job separate from my personal blog, this story bears re-posting. My star source, Merry Carole Powers, hits the nail on the head.

“When you shift mentally and emotionally into being the CEO of your life, you consciously take control. Where you go, when you go and how fast you go are up to you and the actions you take,” Powers explains. “On the day each of us was born, life was given to very specifically us. Not our bosses. Not our bill collectors. Not our parents. The fact of the matter is, you were born a CEO. And as soon as you stop pulling in other people to fill that role, the question isn’t what might be impacted, rather what won’t be impacted. It will change everything.”


Assuming the role of CEO of “Me, Inc.” has the same impact as having your hands on the steering wheel while driving a car, says Merry Carole Powers.

One thought on “You are “Me, Inc.”

  1. The Jennifer Aniston smart water ad is at the bottom of this and I think that is a great example. Jennifer took control and in a positive way and literally got the last laugh. The ad is hilarious! Actually I think Jennifer is a perfect example of someone who is her own CEO, it’s how she goes about her life and career.

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