Monday morning poetry slam

These all seem rather sentimental, don’t they? Well, you’re all very special people. So here are a few declarations of admiration for sorority sisters, friends of my actual sister, Sunday school teachers, dashing pen pals and babysitters. My humble thanks for subscribing!

Shannon C.

Danced in crimson lips

Fab friend, mom, leader and wife

Did the worm in white

Julie B.P.

You have the best hair

Middle school slumber parties

Spun amber in waves

Kathy D.

When I was a kid

You helped me to feel valued

Your smile is God’s smile

Hugo C.

What a pleasant twist

Not meeting you that spring night

Instead, epistles

Mike H.

When my sons grow up

I’ll be thrilled if they’re like you

Witty, kind and true

Martha M.

Never has a kid

Smiled as instantly as when

You came to the door

3 thoughts on “Monday morning poetry slam

  1. Way to use the word “epistle”!

  2. Also, your poem to Martha brings a tear to my eye

  3. That is one of the best compliments (and definitely the best haiku) that I have ever received. Thanks so much, Emily!

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