Thank-you haikus

Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog! Allow me to haiku you.

Ashley C.

Rare phenomenon

Hot mom wholesomely admired

by tots, chicks and dudes

For Derek H.

You’re the kind of man

Who made jeans and t-shirt cool

You could rule the world

For Anna O.

My Seville angel

We shared Paco’s paella

You make people smile

For Brad C.H.

You, fascinating

I want to know you better

Dead Can Dance party?

4 thoughts on “Thank-you haikus

  1. Love it…gracias amiga!

  2. Honored! Thank you!

  3. Emily, how do I get a damn haiku??? Is commenting enough? Crap! MUST HAVE.

    • Hi, Jenna! I would love to write you a haiku, and I appreciate you commenting. Slowly but surely, I’m writing haikus for everyone who email subscribes to my posts before the first anniversary of my blog, which is in early October. 🙂

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