Dear friend, you kinda, like, shifted my worldview today

I think we learn a lot from our friends. Sometimes it’s awkward to tell them so face-to-face. So I’ve written my friend a simple letter (which makes me admittedly more awkward, but she likes me anyway):

Dear Kellie,

I learned something awesome from you today.

After the new neighbor approached us and we found out he’s an improv actor/comedy writer, you and I responded at the same time. Me, to tell him I have a friend who’s successfully pursuing the same line of work in LA; you to ask him where he does improv.

Guess to which of us he responded?

In a three-minute exchange, I learned a lot more than where our new neighbor does improv. Your uncontrived social grace made me realize the following:

a.)   I often attempt to connect with people by trying to prove I already understand them. And…

b.)   You connect with people by trying to find out more about them.

You personally know Abed from “Community.” He went to your high school. You did not mention this. In your shoes, I probably would’ve. You showed me another way.

Thanks for teaching me how to connect more sincerely with people. And thanks for being my friend even though, the first time we met, I probably acted like I already knew all about you.



7 thoughts on “Dear friend, you kinda, like, shifted my worldview today

  1. Dear Emily,
    This was a good lesson for me to learn today so thanks for the awesome post.

    Ps…I learn from you every time you post…and I am most sincere

    Keep it up,

  2. No intentions to copy Allyson, but I do feel the same. I feel so honored to learn from your posts..

  3. I have really been enjoying the posts lately! Some things that I love about you are your heart and your nose. Here in KC right now. Wish you were too! Thank you for sharing your wisdom

  4. I got a good laugh out of this, and it really made me think! Thank you! Although, I have to say, I personally love your style of connection 🙂

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