Dingdadalingding: Your inner guidance is calling

We have a word for this sort of thing: Dingdadalingding. It’s onomatopoeia. Finger chimes and ankle bells, a sound swathed in incense.

My sister invented the term back when we were kids in Kansas, developing an awareness of feminine style, and we noticed that a certain kind of woman wore big dangly earrings in the early nineties. We called these earrings “dingdadalingdings.” At first, a synonym for dingdadalingding might have been “hippy,” and inherent in the term most certainly was “weird.” As our use of the word evolved, we employed it to define a broader aspect of out-there-ness, of a thing we didn’t understand. “Um, that sounds a little bit dingdadalingding to me…,” we might say. To me, it conjured a vision of a goofy, out-of-touch someone naively floating about a la la land of unfounded unreality, and we found it hilarious.

So, when my sister, who’s always had a mad sense of style, boldly started wearing dingdadalingding earrings years later, I made fun of her to no end. Joke was on me: After quietly tolerating my self-righteousness, as she has done so saintly in her life as my sister, she finally explained to me that dingdadalingdings were cool now and that I might want to start enjoying modern accessorizing, too.

The important stuff: My earring evolution

It’s hard to pinpoint when I passed the point of no return into my own version of la la land, but my sister’s endorsement of dangly earrings may have paved the way for me to fully embrace the dingdadalingding within. Much to my surprise, it’s a lovely and extraordinarily real reality. So, bear with me as I explain how, in true dingdadalingding fashion, you can open yourself to receiving divine guidance.

I mentioned in a past post that I’d learned how to connect with my spirit guides, and it’s the real deal. As blasphemous as the idea would’ve sounded to me up to one day before it first happened, the experience was so uplifting that I decided to keep having it.

Much like my love of pho from Tank Noodle (hidden within this smiley to-go bag), once I tasted the beauty of communicating with my spirit guides, I keep going back for more.

Vouched-for visions

I was lying on the massage table of Donna, the trusted Reiki Master and intuitive healer we see as a family, when she asked me, “What are you seeing right now?”

I saw myself standing in the middle of a misty clearing, a circular gathering place paved in ancient-looking grey cobblestone, with surroundings I couldn’t make out. Beyond the mist, it seemed, was a combination of dense evergreen forest, Hokusai-style mountains, and cottony clouds. From the mist, a beautiful woman, who I can best describe as a vision of divine motherly love, approached me, and I explained this to my energy healer. “Yep, that’s it. Keep going,” Donna coached. “Ask her who she is. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get her name, but ask. Then ask your question, out loud or just to yourself, and see what she says.” Without second-guessing myself, I silently asked her the question: “Why am I having this experience?” I knelt and she embraced me like the most loving mother you can imagine, filling my every cell with comfort, peace, love and joy. I then asked another question and followed with, “Please show me the answer in a way that I’ll understand.”

A scene too complicated to recount unfolded in my mind’s eye and, once it was finished, I knew what to do about my problem and why. I said thank you to this goddess, this divine feminine aspect of God, and then waited. The mist lifted, revealing a circle of great ones. I couldn’t discern faces at a glance, but they were all there specifically for me.

“Oh my gosh! Are you seeing this, too?” I asked Donna, who was standing beside me. “Is this really real?!”

“Oh, yes. It’s real. It’s as real as you lying on this table right now,” she said in her usual chipper cadence, more that of a choir director than of a stereotypical medium. “You just have to learn how to trust yourself. And believe.”

Charlie, finding his balance and practicing stillness on the nose of a concrete seal.

Believe it: Everyone has spirit guides

After several more sessions with Donna, in which she confirmed my sanity despite the various visions I’d had after my nightly meditation practice, I finally started to believe.

No matter your religious or spiritual path, the experience of tuning into your own source of divine wisdom is open to everyone. Buried right in the backyard of our own consciousness, we have all the answers we need. In moments of peace, guidance may come to you from your higher self, from angels, from saints of varying religions, from deceased loved ones, from wise ones in the spirit realm or other dimensions, from teachers and enlightened masters working together on your behalf from the other side or directly from God (or whatever you call that which is “It.”) This guidance comes by way of feelings, visions, new ideas, sudden thoughts and more and, in my experience, no matter how the message arrives, it’s accompanied by peace and unmistakable divine love.

Once you access the depths of your intuition, you will move more intentionally and confidently through life.

Before you brush this off, read this:

• If you’re skeptical about spirit guides, as I once was, think about a time when you experienced a sense of knowing that seemed to appear from nowhere. Perhaps you even felt the presence of angels, Jesus, Mary, Kuan Yin, the Buddha or even God Himself. Maybe you had a brush with danger followed by relief and gratitude, or a breathtakingly beautiful moment that brought tears of joy to your eyes and a palpable connection to the Universe. Or maybe you felt something “happened for a reason,” or you suddenly felt like a deceased friend or relative was right there with you. All of those experiences involve the intersection of your highest self and divine inspiration. That divine inspiration comes from your team of guides, which includes the avatars of your personal spiritual path. This is truth.

• No question or need is too selfish or trivial. As a divine child of God, it is your birthright to access the wisdom and the abundance of the universe. [If you tend to feel guilty “bothering” God with your insignificant whims, know that a.) God wants you to channel Spirit in everything you do, no matter how small seeming, and b.) If your request is not in line with spiritual law, it will not manifest.] Everyone can communicate with his or her guides. And, once you do, the connection is open and you can contact them whenever you want, for whatever you need. For example, you can ask them for insight on whether to take that job, how to handle a health issue that’s cropped up, what you need to learn from a difficult relationship or where you should go to find a particular item you need at the price you can afford. Nothing is off the table.

Kip, soaring

Tuning in with your Guidance, a quick how-to:

  1. Do whatever you like to do to calm your mind, body and spirit. By cultivating inner and outer stillness, you access the higher vibration needed to communicate with Spirit. I practice the Self-Realization Fellowship meditation exercises, but find what works for you.
  2. Ask for protection. A couple ideas: “God, please give me the protection I need now. And so it is. Thank you.” Or, “In the name, through the power and by the word of Jesus Christ (or your preferred avatar), a wall of living flame is built round about me and I give thanks for this great protection now.”
  3. Close your eyes and look into your mind’s eye—the seat of spirituality in the forehead, just above the spot between the eyebrows—and ask your question. Focus on your breath as you wait for an answer to come to you.
  4. Be an observer. If you see something or someone, don’t worry about explaining it; just be thankful. You may see a scene as from a movie. You may “hear” words spoken to you. You may just suddenly know something. You may feel a sudden emotion. You may experience all or none of this. Just open yourself to the beauty and empowerment of receiving divine guidance in however it manifests.
  5. If you have difficulty trusting the experience or actually seeing one evolve at all, I suggest trying this exercise: Meditate. Then open your laptop or journal. Close your eyes. Ask a question. Write everything that comes to you (visions, words, ideas, pictures, people, names, symbols, etc.) Keep writing until you feel there’s nothing left to write. Close your journal or laptop and take a moment to notice how you’re feeling. Are you stirred up or peaceful? Are you anxious or more confident than before you sat down? Are you feeling more grounded, or a little wobbly? Are you overcome with emotion? Are you energized or exhausted? Are you feeling the sensation of fear or love? Notice how you’re feeling, but don’t judge it either way; it’s just a feeling. Sleep. The next day or night, re-read your stream of consciousness. Do you have any answers? If not, don’t be discouraged, and keep trying because your guides are there for you regardless of whether you heard them this time. If you did uncover the guidance you were seeking, a huge hooray for you. Meditate, then repeat.

A final note: Trust yourself. Intuition starts with imagination, so cut yourself loose and trust yourself. Unless you’re surrounded by intuitive friends, or you have your own version of Donna, no one in your daily life is going to validate your experience for you. In fact, they may think you’re loopy, or worse. Your communications with your guides are spiritual gifts just for you and, although you’ll be tempted to share because it’s so exciting, until you’re confident in the truth of your own experience, tread lightly on the topic with those of whose support you’re not certain. Endless love and blessings to you in your journeys.

3 thoughts on “Dingdadalingding: Your inner guidance is calling

  1. You’re so completely unloopy! I loved reading more about your deeply healing and magical experience. And I’m so very glad that you and I are very much in all the woo-woo, dingdadalingding stuff together:-) Dangle, dingle, do!

    • Thank you so much, Alicia! ‘Tis an honor to join you in the woo-woo.

      And, for anyone reading this who might be interested in getting some guidance in contacting your guides, Alicia Howes at Your Soul Story is an excellent resource, as well as a personal friend who’s helped me grow in some of the most beautiful of ways.


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