Wow. The world around is kinda nice to look at.

Kip in the trees

On most days, I’m a chronic phone checker. Email. Facebook. Texts. Voicemails. Being distant when I’m with my kids–or with anyone, or with no one–goes against everything I believe, yet I, too, get sucked into the technology vortex. I’m usually oblivious while I’m there in the moment until someone says, “Hey!” and I snap out of it. However, today, after I dropped Charlie at summer camp and ventured to a new park with Kip, I decided to set my bag, my phone, my to-go cup of coffee and even my shoes on a bench. Kip and I wandered around the park, playing, chasing, climbing, touching, hanging and marveling.

Grass so green, so soft. Mushrooms growing inside a hollow tree. Bark the color of eggplant. More bark shaped like a peacock feather. A giant iridescent beetle. A guy dancing a little bit while running.

It seems ridiculous to be just now realizing this, but this kind of beauty is always around. I only have to notice it.

It’s hard to see just how big and iridescent it was, but this was one large, shiny beetle. And it was actually pretty cool.

Shoes off, the grass felt almost feathery.

Peacock-feather bark

Kip and his twig art

A magical hollow tree

Enjoying our time together

2 thoughts on “Wow. The world around is kinda nice to look at.

  1. Beautiful pictures!! Beautiful words!! I think the bug was a stink bug. I must say I think most of the time you DO live in the moment, playing with the boys, enjoying time with friends, cooking awesome food….
    But it looks like you really lived life fully while at the park. Aahhhhh doesn’t it just rejuvinate the spirit?

    • A stink bug? Ha. Well, if I can find beauty in that…

      Thanks for your validating words. Very generous and encouraging. But, yes, there’s just something about being in an open, nature-y space. Definitely does rejuvenate. Big hugs to you!

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