Oh, I forgot. Intention = reality. I’ve got it now.

Brian and I had a tough week last week. It happens sometimes.

No matter what we said to the other person, it came out sounding prickly. When he tried to connect with me, I was accidentally icy. When I tried to connect with him, he gazed at me indolently, which is the deftest way to spark my rage. As the week progressed, the wall seemed to be getting taller between us. In other words, “the masons,” which is our name for ego or delusion at work within our relationship, had been working overtime to keep us disparate.

Nonetheless, I’d planned a Saturday-night date for the two of us to go out and properly celebrate Brian’s June birthday. Honestly, after our week of missed connections, I was reticent about it. “I hope we have fun,” I said nonchalantly to the energy worker we see as a family.

“Wait a minute. How about you set an intention for you two to have a great time?” she trilled. Such sweetness in her sing-songy voice. “Something like, ‘It is my intention that Brian and I have a wonderful time together and that the events of our evening unfold in our highest and greatest good.’ How about that?”

“It is my intention that Brian and I have a wonderful time together tomorrow night, and that our evening brings about our highest and greatest good,” I said aloud.

And, do you know what?

It worked.

The details of our date are inconsequential, although the laughter-laced conversation and mix-your-own mojitos are worth mentioning, because the cool thing was that, even though my original plans fell through, we had the loveliest, most connected time we’d had in a long while. The off-course energy of the week was long gone, and our higher, more loving selves had returned. We’d morphed into a couple so relaxed and content together that we could’ve been anywhere, but the Universe provided one beautiful setting after another for us regardless. And I’ll be darned if Brian didn’t look an unreal kind of gorgeous sitting across the table from me at dinner.

This was an easy, but potent, reminder to me about setting intentions. Too often I hear myself saying, “I hope X,” “let’s hope that Y,” or “we’ll have to see what happens with Z.” No more. If I’m involved, I’m staking my claim on the “highest and greatest good” for all involved in the event or relationship. How could things go awry, delusion creep in, if you will the best possible experience to be your reality? Set your intention, put your trust in it and watch the beauty unfold.

Brian took this of me. I look pretty delighted, I think. And not just about the fact that I decided to order the ropa vieja for dinner. (although that did make me really happy.)

4 thoughts on “Oh, I forgot. Intention = reality. I’ve got it now.

  1. Living with intention…pretty powerful stuff Em. Happy to hear you and your hubby had a lovely evening….just as you expected to. 🙂

  2. Inspiring and a great reminder to us all all. Thank you for sharing. I’m now off to set my intentions for a few life goals Christian and I are working on:-)

    • Thank you, Manon! I think we need a phone catch up, stat, because you have utterly piqued my interest in these life goals of which you write. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Makes me so happy to hear from you!

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