I needed a little reminder this morning to open my eyes to the divine in all people. ‘Thought I’d re-share. (p.s. i promise not all posts begin with “mama does,” “mama gets” and the like. but i’m apparently quite satisfied referring to myself in the third person.)

emily en route

My day job is wearing thin on me again. If the brand of attention I got from our servers tonight is any indication of how tired I look, I need to schedule myself a little break.

I took the boys to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for some pho this evening. It’s not that Charlie and Kip are superb eaters, it’s that pho, a steaming beef broth with noodles, is the only soup I can get our little guys to eat.

Straight out of the gate, once I’d ordered our usual, the spunky young server with the mohawk sidled up to Charlie and asked him where his daddy was.

“He’s at work,” Charlie said, smiling at the guy, who looked at me out of the corner of his eye.

It seemed like kind of a weird question and, had I been wearing leather pants and eyeliner, I would’ve questioned his motives…

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