Go ahead, you can do it.


My son had a perpetually running nose last week and, after a million trips to the kitchen and bathroom for some tissues and toilet paper, he knew where to find the stuff to wipe his nose. Nonetheless, when he sneezed, or the dripping became more than his makeshift collar-hankey could handle, he whinnied at me. “Mooommmmy…I need some Kleenex! Please, please, please…get me some Kleenex?”

We must be like wee whiney kids when we beg and plead and bargain with God to fulfill whatever it is we want or need, from the trivial to absolutely vital. If we could hear Him, God might respond, “Go ahead, sweet child. You have access to everything you need. Go grab it yourself. I know you can do it. I’m here if you have trouble, but you know what to do.”

We have the power to bring about what we want of our lives, yes, from the trivial to the vital. Do ask for God’s help and blessings, but know the Source of everything we possibly could want or need is within. So, today, dig deep and go get yourself that         (insert prayer, need, dream, wish, hope, etc.)                        .

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