Adventures in ego: a first-ever post

Oprah presented an Eckhart-Tolle-tastic webcast around it Monday night, and it’s the kink in my make-up that’s been holding me back from countless advancements, plus blogging, a fact to which my radiant friend, Megan, responded, “Get with the century. You’re a writer and you don’t even have a blog? You’re light years behind. Get over yourself and do it.” The ego is a funny thing.

I used to think blogging was narcissism in action—every person is consumed enough with his or her own journey, so why would I clutter the inter webs with my innermost reflections? What of value have I got to share? However, after sitting in on Oprah’s first Lifeclass at Harpo Studios, plus a lot of decluttering of my own consciousness in the past few years, I see my ego’s the very thing that’s kept me from believing I could write from my heart. To interpret Eckhart Tolle’s comments on the show, your ego is not the thing that tells you you’re more amazing than anyone else, as is commonly perceived; instead, your ego is the thing that tells you you’re not amazing at all.

As a journalist, even though I’ve always wanted to write fiction and personal essays, I’ve hidden behind the stories of other people, places or businesses, writing in a standard journalistic formula, and certainly not from the depths of my own soul.

However, at the behest of Oprah to be my authentic me, I’m getting over myself. And, in hopes of offering a sincere picture of a spiritual journey, I’ll be blogging about my adventures in finding God, Spirit, the Universe, the universe, or whatever you call it, as I live in the world and navigate a dastardly path to self realization or, at the very least, a higher state of consciousness.

One thought on “Adventures in ego: a first-ever post

  1. Congrats to you, my word sister. Off you go … !

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